'Hey! Immortality...'

The following post runs backwards through the research, ideas, planning, design, drafting, playing, drawing, inking, bodging, re-inking, exposing and printing of an A3 strip on the subject of the Ouroboros.  I began the task on the 9th of Feb and completed on the 22nd the same Month.  I suppose that seems like a long time, but i've got loads of other stuff to take up my time..... ok?  Good.  

Read the finished page by clicking on it and then again to make it BIG. Please don't squint at at it, that would be uncomfortable.

Let me know what you think...  danhaycocks@me.com  /   @_unbatondecolle

Playing with colours and papers, loving sugar paper for the first time in my life?

A bit blurred, modelled by Mimi, @Lizzlizz's favourite colour combination.

Image has the look of a Russian hospital circa 1976, but this is proof I can expose (and dry) a screen.

Sooooo pleased to see the light through this... freckles n all!

Probably the most inane tweet i've ever posted... 'Acetate nearly ready...'  Go me!

Finished with the inking, probably half-cut.  Flaming Lips too loud on the stereo.

Probably not a method that is employed by Dan Clowes.  Cutting out a bit of Bristol board to cover up crap inking/idea.

(See above)

Stuck on Bristol board, plastered on gouache, col-erase mistakes... I could go on.

Don't ask me why I worked backwards...?


Pencilled on 2 sheets of Bristol board.

Sketchbook layout.

Figuring out the dialogue,  easily my worst attribute.

Found a character to use in the story.

Trying out character ideas.

Basically.... waiting for Reuben to finish football. (and recalling James Kochalka from memory.)

The 'zoom out' and 'babies nappies' ideas... and looking at a tonal basis for the composition.

More written ideas, the final IDEA and layout trials.

Where it all began.           First page on the brief.        Last image of the post.  

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