Brunetti objects exercises HW1.2, 2.3, 3.2

This is a great exercise and one of those that makes no sense when you start doing it.  The brief was to collect 12 objects that had some quality in common - I raided my son's toy box.  Next you've got to take away two to make the remainder feel more of a cohesive unit, and think about the reasons why - I chose stuff with a face. Later, you get to put them in different arrangements to see how they 'read'.  Maybe they can tell a story or maybe there is conceptual link of some kind.  After a while you realise that you are reading the objects as if they were panels. And the end result is a developing of our visual sophistication.

Out of interest, the kids helped me do this and naturally loved the different arrangement and attempting to guess each other's...

Reasons are below each image...
Cutest (Reuben)
Scariest (Reuben)
Timeline (Reuben)

Looking human
Cutest (Mimi)
Furthest from reality (Mimi)