'Of Mice and Men'

Here's a little exercise that was undertaken on a whim...  Whilst undertaking the Brunetti 'Cartooning' book I had to try to sum up a story in a single panel with caption.  Whilst making a start It crossed my mind that it might be a novel/interesting experiment to try to draw a panel for each page of the book, something that would sum up the more important aspects.  All panels were draw whilst reading the actual page, on the hoof and without much reference.  

The end result is a bit of a curio.  It can't be traditionally 'read' by anyone without foreknowledge of the book, but I do think that an impression of the themes, or at least a sense of place can be garnered.  I guess I'm just pleased with the overall look, always a sucker for a grid.

Of the 4 slides, no.1 is a first attempt to arrange and colour in Photoshop. No. 2 is another arrangement and a second colour added - this was in preparation for my partners' birthday. No. 3 is the cover of a small press concertina book idea that has yet to be arranged, whilst No. 4 is a quick low res trial print.

I think i might be enjoying the stark original blue one after all that.