Hourly Comics 2012

NB.  The text on the comic posted here is a little hard to read, but I like the whole composition.  For clarity I have posted another version below that is panel over panel. There.

OK, so here it is.  Typically for me (at present) this is incredibly late.  I did all of the drawings as the day happened - often having to resort to a sort acting as if I was actually concentrating on the lesson I was supposedly teaching.  I didn't get on the forum, this was only due to my lack of time, but i will be doing next year.. I did however keep track of the hashtag on Twitter and was some great examples, a real range. 
I'm going to get the students at school to have a go at this as I reckon the task has many positive qualities to it.  Firstly it's just interesting to look at your day in such a detailed way - it goes by sooo fast. Then it's a good tool for editing, you have to decide on the spot.  I hadn't drawn for a good while over Christmas and needed something to stop me being so precious about drawing... and it worked.
The drawings were done in my A4 water paper book, using coloured pencil, fine liners, brush pen and finally aqua-brushes. Photoshop was used a little to snip up a little and desaturate the effect of my old scanner.
My favourite panel is 1200. If only I could produce compositions and inks like this on regular basis. Some of it on show here is so hideous and tight.