Hmmmm? how to introduce this? It's another exercise on my way through the Brunetti Cartooning book. This book will, from now on be referred to as BCB - i've repeated myself soooo many times.  Well, the task was to produce a 9 panel strip about an incident that occurred during that day.  Simple.
I like this strip on a few counts (lets be positive huh?) I like the colour, I like the punch line, I like some of the brushwork/drawing (panel 5 + 7), the treatment of light and the lit doc in the final panel.  This panel was posted to Mr Joe Decie for a bit of a crit - and I have to agree with him that the typw probably doesn't work that well, it\s quite tricky to read and a bit forced or mannered? .....aaaand maybe a panel or two is hard to decipher in the larger scheme. 
The wobly line in the later panels is supposed to be the past, like a wobbly screen in a sit com does.  
I'm guessing that most folks know what Anusol is.  For those who don't, It's supposed to treat Haemorrhoids, but is actually just causes embarrassment when it falls out of your schoolbag.