What the hell did Fairport Convention do to me?

Just finished this... ish. I'm gonna try out some colour eventually, and lose the photos of the album covers.  In the mean time I think I'll live with it in black and white as it seems to work ok.  Distribution black and white together with page layout is probably where I feel most comfortable and where my strengths lie.
The task was to write something about Summer, to include a 'sub-narrative' and to exploit a variety of panel sizes. Job done so far.
Whether it resonates with an audience will be interesting to see... although if you've had a wasted Summer wandering late at night along canal sides, dual-carriageways, rail embankments and visiting 24hr garages then is may strike a chord.
My pencils for this are below, thought it might be of interest as I'm always intrigued to see how other's go about their process. 
Comments always welcome. 

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  1. Ha. Love it. LIEGE & LIEF didn't blow my mind until later in life, when I was doing my MA.