Bookshelf Brotherhood

Here is a section of my art instruction / criticism / history books. This is a selected few that have pride of place next to where I do most of my reading - and no I don't mean the W.C! They may change around from time to time due to current interests and the restrictions space but a few 'keystone' pieces get read more than others and will remain after others have moved on to shelf B. For example Bert Dodson's 'Keys to Drawing', Scott McCloud's 'Understanding Comics' and James Gurney's 'Color and Light' - (even thought there is a spelling mistake in the title! ;) are books that refresh my thinking about looking/drawing on a daily basis. 

James Gurney's incredible blog Gurney Journey has a post entitled 'Bookshelf Brotherhood' that revealed his books on other shelves around the world. Well, this one's for you James.


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