Brunetti Exercise 1.1 (cats, cars, castles)

The Brunetti book  a tiny intro...
Ok, so i have been meaning to post some of these in some sort of order for a while now. I'm always a sucker for a new way to try drawing stuff, and have struggled with getting to grips with the language for some time.  
Here's how it is. Went to Art college for 4 years and can draw a figure / skeleton (pretty much anything) from life without ant hassle and with good results, but when my 2 year old asks me to draw a cat or dinosaur, I really struggle. I just don't seem to have a store of drawing info stored in my head. Anyhow, i'm trying to put that straight.
I came across this book from a Brunetti search on the web as I have always loved , well anything Brunetti related since I read his chapter in Todd Hignite's 'In The Studio' book. Well, it goes without saying that I have gotten loads of enjoyable drawing sessions from the help and exercises... and yes i can just about draw a dinosaur without a panic.

Lesson one kicks off with drawing stuff (cats, castles etc) with decreasing time allocation. You start off with 4 mins and get down to a few seconds. The gist is that the drawings in the middle are a mixture of detail and fluidity.  It works.
For the record I drew a few examples from reference and then went onto the exercise with just a blank page... (castles are my favourite by the way.)