'The Five Mile' book

Here is a little book that I made for Kerry.  It's a trip around a well-worn bike ride called the 'Five Mile' that all of the kids strive to do. The process is as follows; take reference pics with iPhone, light pencil at twice the size, permanent ink tech pen (0.1), watercolour, photoshop to tweek colour / resize and print.  

As you can probably tell (or not!!) there is a definite nod to Gipi's watercolour technique. I had just finished reading the wonderful 'Garage Band' and wanted to get into trying a bit of painting.  His work is  incredibly subtle when you look in detail, there is a fantastic balance between looseness and precision, together with a simple but effective use of colour that I have monumentally not managed to copy!

(Unfortunately the usually ace Hipstamatic hasn't rendered the reds very well, they're not that saturated.)