Brunetti exercise 1.2 and 1.3 Existing characters and Zen Grid

Here's my second Brunetti book post. The task was to draw 25 cartoon characters from memory and spend 5-10 seconds on each.  I found this such a difficult exercise as (and I've written about this before) I genuinely feel that I have a deficient memory, and that this is the by-product of an 'adventurous' period in my 20's. Saying that, it could be just getting older. Before i attempted this task I wrote a list of the 25 characters and re-rfreshed my memory on a couple, but did then draw from memory, honest.

Below that is the 'Zen grid' exercise. A grid of 100 small boxes filled with a stream of consciousness array of stuff.  This is the sort of thing I usually love to do, but on this occasion I think I'd lost my mojo. I'd also just bought a Kuretake brush pen and was trying to get to grips with it. As they say, a bad workman always blames his (classic, very expensive and utterly fit for purpose) tools. Going to try that one again when I get a mo.

Constructive feedback as always is gratefully recieved.