Brunetti Homework assignment 3 (Roughs) p.38

Here are the roughs for Brunetti's assignment 3.  I was working in an A5 Moleskine, mainly due to the problems and constraints that are provided by my lack of time (although I do still find time to watch a Borgen every night, so I can't complain too much.)  The A5 helps because I can draw in the car, in the doctors *relevant to story*, in the bath, on the loo, whilst giving a baby a bottle etc etc.  Trying to come up with a me, a girlfriend, a daughter etc was tricky.  I really do have these in real life, I've just never drawn them.
Any hoo, this task was based around Kochalka's daily strips. 4 Panels a day, no attempt to be meaningful or funny.  Really enjoyed doing it - a great way to keep a diary.  I can see why Kochalka does it - little things seem to magnify with only a short amount of time- but actually committing yourself... Inked strip to follow:)
Still can't believe I stapled my effin fingers together...