Brunetti exercise 3.1 p.37

This was the best exercise so far.
Spending only 3 minutes per card, draw: the beginning of the world / end of the world / a self-portrait / something that happened at lunch /  / an image from a recent dream / something from the middle of the world's existence / a drawing from right after that / something from this morning / something that has yet to happen /  a panel that happened straight after a previous panel / a riff on a previous panel and then end on a random panel.
Next job was to spread them out and try to arrange them into fours so that they made a comic strip.  We all read images that are laid side-by-side and this exercise was trying to reveal that the rigid starting point can be really flexible.
Loved doing this. Probably due to my worry that my drawing suffers from getting tight when I over think stuff.