Licking Piss off a Peashooter.

So, here is another exercise set from the Brunetti book that I have taken an incredibly long, laborious time ever.  I guess I try to fit in as many trials as I can into these single assignments, even though they are probably better attempted in a freer more 'dashed-off' style.  

What we have here is the second version (the first is below for comparison purposes) of the colour trial.  I really like the direction the later one is going.  I used some of those inkybrushes that are just sooo handy for quick work.  Mixed up some greys, a couple of pastels and a strong(ish) red and went at it like a bull in a china shop.  Some parts have worked and others haven't... but that's the only way I seem to get anything close to satisfying.  I guess practice will eventually allow me to produce the better parts on a more consistent level.

In between the two versions are a few of, what I consider  to be the better bits.

The one at the bottom was coloured in Photoshop and is just awful and flat.